Sennheiser e 835
Sennheiser e 835

e 835, Microfono Dinamico from Sennheiser in the evolution 800 series.

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moosers 22/04/2010

Sennheiser e 835 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Sennheiser E 835 is a dynamic microphone suitable for use both on the stage and in the recording studio. Since I'm an audio engineer working in studios and not live sound, I've only used the E 835 for recording. I do believe that it is probably best suited for vocals during live shows, since it has a nice build and really just looks like it would be best for live shows. It has built in filter screen, just adding to it's usefulness on the stage. I used the mic for recording vocals during the recording of a full band for a live recording session. There weren't going to be any overdubs, and we just wanted something that would do a good job of blocking out external sound in the live room. It was only a demo, so it didn't really matter to us that this isn't the nicest sounding microphone in the studio. As far as technical characteristics go, the E 835 has a standard cardioid polar pick up and pattern and picks up frequencies between 40 Hz and 16 kHz.


While definitely a well built microphone, I wouldn't really recommend using the Sennheiser E 835 in the studio. While it has a decent enough sound, it doesn't have all that much clarity or detail for a microphone to use in the studio. I haven't used it for anything other than vocals, so I can't say how well it would work for other applications. Having said this, it is really designed for vocals so I don't think that it would sound too much better for other things. So while I haven't used the E 835 for a live show, it seems to me that this would really be the best use for this microphone. It is priced as a higher end live mic rather than a studio microphone as well. If you're in the market for a hand held dynamic mic, I'd definitely check this one out, but there are definitely better mic choices for any application for use in the studio...