Heil Sound PR40
Heil Sound PR40

PR40, Microfono Dinamico from Heil Sound.

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moosers 05/08/2010

Heil Sound PR40 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Heil Sound PR40 is a uniquely designed dynamic microphone that I've used in the recording studio. I've only got experience using in within this type of setting, so I don't know that I'd recommend using it for anything else. As far as the technical aspects of the PR40 go, it has a cardioid polar pick up pattern and will pick up frequencies in the range from 28 Hz to 18 kHz. For a microphone on the cheaper end, this definitely doesn't have as cheap of a feel to it as you would think it might.


For this price, the Heil Sound PR40 is one of the best microphones out there. It's a versatile microphone that is capable of handling just about any application, although I've primarily used it for recording a bass guitar cabinet. We've got one of these at the studio where I work and it's probably the least expensive microphone that get used, besides a Shure SM57. It sees most of it's action for scratch vocals or for a bass guitar cabinet, as it picks up frequencies all the way down starting at 28 Hz. I love it's design as it looks like a condenser microphone but is actually a dynamic one. Being that it's in the professional recording studio that I work at, it's one of the rare microphone that crosses over in that it's suitable for use in a professional recording studio setting, but is cheap enough that any home studio owner could afford one. I'm not sure that it's the perfect all purpose microphone in the studio, but it would certainly get the job done. This is definitely the best sounding Heil Sound microphone that I've used. If you're in the market for a some bang for your buck in a unique dynamic mic, the PR40 is a very nice sounding microphone for an even nicer sounding price.