Beyerdynamic M 201 N
Beyerdynamic M 201 N

M 201 N, Microfono Dinamico from Beyerdynamic in the M series.

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moosers 04/12/2009

Beyerdynamic M 201 N : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Beyerdynamic M 201 N is a dynamic microphone suitable for use both in the studio and on the stage.  I've only used the mic for recording, so this review will be focused on this type of application only having said that I do think it could be useful for live shows as well.  The mic also has a hyper cardioid pick up pattern.


I've been using the Beyerdynamic M 201 N for about about two years and my view on it is that it is definitely a suitable recording mic for a few different applications.  The mic is overall a really good sounding dynamic microphone and definitely does all of the thing that you would want from a dynamic microphone.  I've used the M 201N for recording a few different applications including drums (snare and tom toms) as well as for electric guitar.  These are probably the best applications that I see fit for the 201, but that isn't to say that I don't think that it could be used for other applications as well because it is a great sounding mic overall.  Beyerdynamic is known for making high quality mics and this one definitely fits the bill.  I would compare this microphone to a Shure SM57 in terms of sound quality, although both do have their own distinct sounds.  The mic is also quite sturdy as I believe it is built very well and should last a while as long as you treat the mic properly.  Although I do like some of other Beyerdynamic mics out there better than this one like the M88 and the M260, the M 201 N is very respectable in its own right and should definitely be taken into account when looking for a good dynamic microphone.  While it wouldn't be my first choice for a dynamic mic, it is still worth of a try for sure.