AKG D 112
AKG D 112

D 112, Microfono Dinamico from AKG.

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victormelamade 26/10/2008

AKG D 112 : Recensione di victormelamade (content in English)


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The AKG D112 is an awesome kick drum mic. This mic is pretty much the studio and live reinforcement standard for kick drum miking, if there is one. The mic is a dynamic and has a unique sort of side address shape. It has an extra large and wide diaphragm so it can collect some of the longer, deeper frequency waves. It comes with the hard clip and a carry case for it. The sound of the mic itself is great right away. The lows are very deep and extended. If you put this inside of the kick drum and sort of angle it at the beater but from the center of the drum, you are going to get a very meaty yet balanced kick sound. The frequency response is set up so that the mic will get a lot of the low end punch at the sub 100 Hz area, but there is definitely some hype in the presence area so that your kick doesn't just get lost under a ton of bass guitar and electric guitar.


I have been using these for so many years, and they always do a good job with kick drums. A lot of other engineers swear by using this mic on bass amp cabs, but I definitely tend to stick with just recording bass with DI and nothing else. Anything you're recording that needs a solid low end, you should consider throwing up a D 112 even if you combine it with another condenser mic to get some more definition in the higher frequencies. The mic is in all kinds of venues and studios for a reason, it is great at what it does. It's designed for a specific purpose so the recordist who is just starting out with a limited budget can probably wait on picking one of these up, but anyone serious about doing some multi-tracking should invest in one of these. I would definitely get mine again if something happened to it. It's a very good value for the money.