Realistic PZM
Realistic PZM

PZM, Microfono a Elettrete from Realistic.

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moosers 06/04/2010

Realistic PZM : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Realistic PZM (pressure zone microphone) is a microphone that I have used in the recording studio. Like most microphone of this nature, it can cross over to the live show world, but I've only used it in the studio, so my review will be about the use of the mic in this type of setting. Realistic is a brand put out by Radio Shack, but is no longer a company as far as I know. However, they did make some interesting gear that is useful, and included in this category are the Realistic PZMs.


The only application that I've used the Realistic PZMs for is an acoustic grand piano. Putting this under the hood of the piano not only gives your sound isolation, but also gives it an up close and personal feel. Of course depending on where you place the mics, you can get a wide array of sounds, but I generally keep the Realistic PZMs by the strings rather than the hammers, as this is what I would do with and PZM microphones inside of an acoustic piano. While the Realistic PZMs might not be the cleanest or more in depth sounding microphones out there, the fact that you can slide them just about anywhere more than makes up for this. I really wasn't expecting too much from these microphones since Realistic isn't exactly known for making high quality microphones, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised. It seems like there are a few gems made by Realistic that have fallen through the cracks over the years, and while I wouldn't call these microphones 'gems,' they are good sounding mics. I don't know how easily accessible these are, but I would imagine that they wouldn't be the easiest microphones to find since they haven't made them for years and are somewhat of an off brand. However, if you see them in a studio you're at like I did, definitely give them a whirl if you need a PZM!