Matrix­ Mr 500
Matrix­ Mr 500

Mr 500, Metronomo from Matrix­.

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moosers 12/07/2010

Matrix­ Mr 500 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Matrix MR 500 is a simple metronome, suitable for any sort of use. It’s really a basic metronome, with BPM settings ranging from 40 BPM to 208 BPM. It also has the ability to sound a tone at A 440 for tuning purposes. In the back it’s got a little stand to hold it up, making it easy to place in from of you. It has an 1/8” mini plug jack for plugging in headphones, and also has a mode for only showing the LED light rather than sounding the tempo. Although today we’re used to digital metronomes that allow for every BPM setting under the sun, the MR 500 goes in intervals and doesn’t have this ability. Most users won’t be using this for recording any way, so it’s certainly adequate enough for getting a ball park idea of the BPM that you’d like if you’re prepping for recording. I like the MR 500 and metronomes like this in general because they are small enough to carry around in your pocket or instrument case. They definitely are no longer making the MR 500, but you’d probably be able to find a used one without a problem if you wanted to. I can’t say that I’d recommend the Matrix MR 500 over other metronomes of this fashion, as it’s pretty much the same as most from this era. For this reason I can’t say that it would be worth it to seek out the MR 500, but if you do come across it, it’s a fine metronome to use. However, if you’re looking for a top of the line metronome, this definitely isn’t it. If you want all the works in a metronome, digital ones are cheap enough to be had, but if not the MR 500 does the job just fine.