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moosers 15/04/2010

Auralex MAX-Wall : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Auralex Max Wall is a unique sound proofing device that is perfect for use in home studios where perhaps the acoustics might not be the best for recording in. The Max Wall can be used in a variety of different ways, as it is adjustable to be used in a few different ways. The main thing that I have experience using it for is as an isolation booth. You can however, also stretch it out and use it as a go-bo (go between), or even as a back drop behind your monitors. The Max Wall definitely has a lot of versatility, which is why I believe it is such a powerful thing to have for home studio owners. While a professional studio could benefit for something like this too, most pro studios already have enough sound proofing and/or isolation booths to make something like this not really necessary. However, it should certainly be taken on a case by base basis. The Auralex Max Wall generally feel pretty sturdy, as goes for the stands that it sits, which is a crucial thing as you of course need it to stay in place at all times. It also has a small window on it so you can see through it if you want to make contact with someone on the outside of vice versa. While I'm sure you could build something like this yourself, buying the Max Wall offers up convenience and top notch craftsmanship, as Auralex is very well known for making high quality sound proofing foam and other equipment. The price is perhaps a bit much for this, but when you consider that you're getting a pretty good iso booth at this price, it doesn't seem as bad. I'd absolutely recommend the Auralex Max Wall for any home studio owner in need of some isolation.