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themaddog 27/09/2011

Auralex Dst112 : Recensione di themaddog (content in English)

"Nice for cutting down reflections"

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I bought some Auralex DST 112's to cut down on room reflections in my control room. My studio control room is an odd, long shape. In such situations, it would be ideal to have the mixer and monitors at one end of the long room, but my room is not conducive to this because it is too narrow. The studio glass, in order to see the recording room, is on the back wall of one of the long ends, meaning that the other wall is not far behind my chair.

I've used Auralex DST 112's in conjunction with other studio foam on the wall behind my monitors but also on the wall behind where I sit. I think it has made a big improvement on cutting down on room reflections, as I played a bunch of different material before I hanged the foam and then shortly thereafter (it was a day long project).

Generally, studio foam should be placed here and there to cut down on reflections, but in this case the wall behind me is nearly completely covered with the foam going in varying directions to cut down on the room reflections. To this regard, it does a decent job, but keep in mind that studio foam does nothing in the way of sound proofing.

Some people claim that cheaper stuff will work just as well. I've never tried the "cheaper stuff" but I am satisfied with the difference this makes in my control room. The Auralex DST 112, in conjunction with some of the other Auralex studio foam products, should make a difference in taming the room reflections of your own studio environment.