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moosers 27/07/2009

Neumann M-49 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Neumann M 49 is a vintage tube condenser microphone.  It comes with its own power supply and special cable and is great for all sorts of applications.  It is best used for recording and isn't suitable for anything else really.


I've been using the Neumann M 49 for a few years and it is truly a great sounding microphone.  When compared to the modern day version of this mic, the Neumann M 149, it is warmer and definitely sounds more vintage since it is indeed older.  This microphone is great for all sorts of situations, but for me it is best for recording vocals.  It just has a really thick and warm sound that translates really well for recording vocals.  It is such a good mic that it is fine for recording just about anything.  I've used it on everything from acoustic guitars to using it as a room mic.  The Neumann M 49 is a great combination of warmth and clarity and for this reason will sound good on everything that you want to record with it.  Neumann is the best at what they do and truly do make the best microphones in the world.  For this reason, the price of this mic is more expensive than most microphones and is designed for professional studio owners and engineers and definitely has the price tag of it.  If you want a top notch tube condenser microphone, the Neumann M 49 is just about as good as it gets.  I have no complaints at all about this microphone and is better than most microphones out there that aren't made by Neumann.  If you can get your hands on this microphone and have the money to get one, you are definitely in good shape!  The newer version of this mic, the M 149 is much more readily available but won't give you any relief on the price!  All in all, the Neumann M 49 is an incredible mic that sounds every bit as good as you think it does.