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stompboxjon 28/08/2012

MXL V77S : Recensione di stompboxjon (content in English)

"MultiPurpose Microphone"

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I have been using the MXL V77S consistently for about 4 years now, I did own this microphone for a while and one thing that I noticed about it that it has over other similar microphones is that the MXL V77S is a very neutral and consistent microphone. You can pretty much use this microphone for any type of recording and still get a great sound. I was actually very surprised when I heard this mic’d up on a piano, I didn’t think that it was a good enough microphone to give you a good tone with a grand piano. But after listening to the recording during playback it sounded amazing.


The V77S is a tube condenser microphone and it will add a great quality microphone to your set up. It is also affordable to most any home musician if you need it. The thing that I like the most about the V77s is that it is a versatile microphone that is great in almost any situation. The value of this microphone is so great for the price it’s a no brainer. The downside, is that there are a few other microphones that are similar that kind of out shine it. I have heard a few microphones that are tube condensers that Shure makes that sound very similar to this microphone and are just a little bit cheaper and more well built than the V77S. The MXL V77S is a very good and well built microphone but I don’t think it can take much punishment or drops. I am very happy though that I made the choice in purchasing a few of these years ago. They didn’t give me any issues or problems. I never did drop them though , I didn’t even really move them that much I just left them on piano. Still a great buy though, and years have passed so I am sure they are cheaper now.