Lauten Audio Horizon LT-321
Lauten Audio Horizon LT-321

Horizon LT-321, Large diaphragm condenser tube microphone from Lauten Audio.

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moosers 14/03/2010

Lauten Audio Horizon LT-321 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Lauten Audio Horizon is a large diaphragm tube condenser microphone designed for use in the recording studio. I wouldn't use the mic for any other purposes beyond in the studio, as with all tube mics, the Horizon is fragile. The mic has a standard cardioid pick up pattern, and picks up the full range of frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It also has an adjustable pad at both -10 and -20 db. The mic comes with its own power supply and 7 pin cable, as is needed for a tube mic. It also comes with accessories like a shock mount and hard shell carrying case, both of which are essentials for a tube mic.


The Lauten Audio Horizon is the perfect in between tube condenser microphone for uses of all types. It isn't too expensive where most people wouldn't be able to afford it, and it also isn't so cheap where it has a poor build and make up. While there are plenty of tube condenser microphones out there to choose from, there aren't as many as you would think in this price range. Most of them are either really cheap or really expensive, so it is nice to see a high quality mic that is at an in between price. The Horizon has a pretty cool and unique look, but where this really gives you your bang for your buck is with it's sound. It has a very rich sound and will work for applications of all types. I've used Horizon for recording both vocals and acoustic guitar, but I liked the sound of it much more for vocals. While it sounded okay for acoustic guitar, it was a bit heavy for the application, as would most likely be the case for other acoustic instruments. Having said this, I think the Horizon will work well for most applications where you would want that thick sound you get from a tube condenser mic. Whether you are a home or professional studio one, the Lauten Audio Horizon has a place for you if you want a great sounding tube mic at a great price.