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moosers 29/05/2009

Apex Electronics 460 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)

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The Apex 460 is a tube condenser microphone that is made for use recording studios. It comes with its own power supply as well as the proper connections to connect the microphone to the power supply. Mine also came with a shockmount and a heavy duty case. I've never brought this microphone outside of my studio and even though it is cheap enough to experiment with, I wouldn't recommend using it for a live show or anything else beyond the recording studio.


I've had my Apex 460 tube condenser mic for about three or four years and I've definitely been pretty pleased with the results I've gotten with this microphone considering what I paid for it. This is an interesting microphone because it is a Chinese made microphone that has been issued under a number of different brands and names over the last few years. So if you see a microphone that looks like this one and has the same specs, the chances are that it is the same exact microphone under a different name. This is an homage to show how incredibly cheap these microphones are made and sold for. Beyond the great price of this microphone, it really isn't too bad sounding of a microphone. The only reason that I bought this mic is because I wanted to add a tube condenser mic to my collection and I wanted to do it as cheap as I possibly could. I found that this was just about as cheap of a tube mic as you could get and was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was also a pretty decent sounding mic as well. I use it for certain types of vocals when I'm going for a particular type of sound and I've also used it as a room microphone with good success. While this isn't the best sounding tube mic out there by the longest shot possible, if you are looking for a cheap tube mic, the Apex 460 is as cheap as you get.