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vsavagellc 27/10/2013

Studio Projects B3 : Recensione di vsavagellc (content in English)

"Versatility At A Price You Can Afford "

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The Studio Projects B3 is a low budget condenser mic. It's good for recording the following:


Seriously, it's a mic and it records sound, that's what it's good for. It has good quality, features and comes with a mic clip and foam windscreen. Make sure you upgrade that windscreen, get a pop filter as well, especially if you plan on recording vocals.

I got this mic back in 2002 (seems like a while ago) and I've had it in my collection ever since. It's not burnt out, came apart etc. I mention that because people tend to look at low budget mics as cheap recording tools that will fall apart. You just have to take care of your gear.


What I like most about this mic is that it sounds good and has a lot of features. A lot of microphones in the price range are decent and only have pad cuts (if anything). The fact that there are different mic patterns to choose from gives this mic a hand or 2 over most.

I'm not saying this is the best mic around, I'm saying it's the best for the money spent. You won't find another mic (in the price range) which versatility.

I've worked with many different budget microphones such as: AT2020, Behringer B2, Behringer B1, Blue Spark, Nady SCM90, MXL's. These are all pretty good mics (if used correct), but again the B3 takes the cake I think the sound on it is pretty amazing. I wouldn't put it up against anything like U87. That seems to be the standard for quality comparison “does it sound like the U87” or “sucks compared to the U87”

You have to keep in mind, not everyone likes or wants that U87 sound.

The only thing I didn't like about this mic was the stock mic stand/mount or clip it comes with it. It was lame and made the mic susceptible to lots of ground rumbles. So, make sure you get a replacement shock mount for best results