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victormelamade 29/10/2008

Shure KSM27SL : Recensione di victormelamade (content in English)


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The KSM 27 is a very cheaply priced large diaphragm condenser from the legendary mic company Shure. Shure is so well known in the audio world that you can basically trust anything they put out to be a quality product. The KSM27 is in my opinion definitely no exception. It's a large diaphragm condenser type microphone that is supposed to be for studio usage but I have also seen people use them on stage to mic up a latin percussion section. They had a stereo pair of them mounted on booms pointing down at the section, and it sounded awesome coming through the venue speakers. More commonly you will find these in studios though. I know some people swear by using these as drum overheads even though they are not that expensive. They seem to have a frequency response that works very well for capturing an entire drum set with focus on the cymbals. Even though they're large diaphragm they have a very tight high frequency response that really can make the cymbals shimmer. It's a cardioid mic and unlike the other KSM mics you can't change the pattern on it, which is too bad since that makes it a lot more flexible. Shure will give you a nice case and shock mount with this mic which is a nice deal.


I have been using KSM mics pretty much since they came out. They are very common in nicer studios as well as home studios. It's very good sound quality for relatively short money, so it's no surprise these things sell very well. They are very solid and heavy mics as most Shure mics are, which is reassuring since you feel like you could drop it and it would be fine. It does lack a few key features like a low cut filter, but overall for the price it's hard to be disappointed with this mic. I recommend it.