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theaudioandvideoguy 24/06/2012

Sennheiser MCE 10 : Recensione di theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)


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I purchased the Mce 10 from a UK vendor years ago when I was looking for some mics for live recording situations. My job is to get shows ready and make sure everything is mic’d up and ready to record. The MCE 10 was great, I have used it in classic rock to opera and jazz shows. I feel this mic is really underated or at least it is here in the states and at a certain time many of my UK connects where talking about this mic so I decided to purchase it and I got a great deal on it from a UK vender that was on Ebay many years back and he gave me a great price and a return policy if I didn’t like it. The first time using it was for a Christmas chior performance by a local church group and it came out great. I was using several of them directly in front of all tones of singers and it worked out perfect for me.


For the price of it, you really cant get much better. Plus the MCE 10 is a few years old now so I know its probably cheaper than what it was years back, but im sure you can find one. They might be hard to get your hands on here in the US but there are a lot of people and stores online from the UK that are still selling the MCE 10 so I suggest you get your hands on them if you are into some live recordings. They really arent for studio recordings though, I havent tried them there yet but will soon just to see how it turns out. But they music store in UK didn’t recommend the mic for those types of situations so I havent tried it yet. But they sound great live.