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RickD 03/08/2008

MXL 990 : Recensione di RickD (content in English)


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- What type of microphone? (live, recording, mixed...)

- What technology? (electret, condenser...)

Comes in a plastic case with suspension.


- For how long have you been using it?
I tested this at home and compared it to an AKG C3000 and a Rode NT3.
Also used it on several recordings (vocals).

- What thing do you like most/least about it?
It's cheap, looks good, sound great, comes with suspension & case.
But it's chinese and probably not gold coated...don't think it'll last, but who knows?

- Did you try many other models before getting this one?
See above.

- What is your opinion about the value for the price?
This costs around 50 euros second hand. That's cheap by any standards.
Once you've used this, however, you'll think it's the best value mic on the planet. Possibly even by far!

- Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?...
I don't own this, it was lent to me.
But if there is one mic studio i would recommend to anyone, this is it. Without the slightest hesitation!

The best value mic i've ever tried, by far.