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moosers 02/06/2009

MXL 770 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)

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The MXL 770 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone that is designed for use in home studios. It has a cardioid polar pattern and comes with both a shockmount and a case. Other notable characteristics include the FET preamp and the bass cut and pad switches


I’ve been using the MXL 770 only for a short while as I wanted to try it out because of its incredibly low price. I found that even though the price is intriguing, the sound quality of this microphone doesn’t make up for the cheap price. While this is certainly a suitable microphone for making demos or getting down ideas in the home studio, this is just about all it is good for as it doesn’t have that full of a sound. I tried the MXL 770 on vocals and found that it lacked the depth that you would look for in a good vocal mic. With all of this being said, when looking at this microphone you must understand where its value you lies and that is in the fact that it is indeed a condenser microphone that costs under $100 USD. However, it seems like there are a lot of condenser microphones in this price range that do sound a bit better than the MXL 770. Because the sound quality of this microphone isn’t all that great, I can only recommend it for the home studio owner who is looking for a cheap condenser microphone to get ideas down or just to do demos and not to any professional. I would encourage those interested in getting a cheap condenser microphone to look around a bit at some of the other microphones in this price range made by MXL and those made by other manufacturers like Rode and Shure. I think you will find that there are superior microphones out there in this price range.