M-Audio Nova
M-Audio Nova

Nova, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from M-Audio in the Nova series.

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OhGlobe 22/09/2011

M-Audio Nova : Recensione di OhGlobe (content in English)

"Great Microphone for its price"

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The M-Audio Nova is a Large Capsule Cardioid Microphone which can be used for recording vocals. It's cheap and perfect for anyone looking to experiment or anyone who is new to vocal recording. It is user friendly and easy to use and it looks decent. It is slim and average sized and it comes with a small microphone stand which is useful if you are looking to place it on your desk. It is a USB microphone so it connects directly into your computer and works well with most programs. I use Audacity for recording and the microphone flows brilliantly with it. This is the best microphone you can get for its price.


The M-Audio Nova is a great microphone for its price, it would definitely be a good purchase for anyone starting to venture into vocal recording. It is rather simple to use and gives a good quality recording which is at par with many microphones that are higher priced. Before the M-Audio Nova, I was using an Audio Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone and compared to it, the M-Audio Nova delivers at par quality with a lower price. I have been using it in my home-studio for about a year now and am pleased with the quality it delivers. I have not tried to record instruments with this microphone but you can try. I do believe that this is the ideal home-studio microphone if you are on a budget and would recommend it to most people as I have been pleased with the quality, I was skeptical at first when I purchased this microphone due to it's price but I have grown to love it. The M-Audio Nova is must have for anyone who is looking for a good starting microphone or a cheap microphone that delivers great quality