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moosers 27/05/2010

Electro-Voice RE1000 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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ElectroVoice's RE1000 is a large diaphragm condenser designed to be using in recording studios. My experience with the RE1000 is only in the studio, and judging by this use I don't think that I'd recommend using it elsewhere. The mic has a super cardioid pick up pattern and has a frequency pick up range of 70 Hz to 18 kHz, which is fine considering the applications that it works best for. It also has a low cut filter at 130 Hz. The mic obviously looks like an AKG C 414...


I haven't used the ElectroVoice RE1000 more than a couple of times, but I'm definitely glad that I had a chance to check it out as I think it's a very cool sounding microphone. It will undoubtedly draw comparisons to the AKG C 414 mic, as it has the same look and I wouldn't be surprised if it was somewhat modeled after the ever popular C 414. As far as sound quality is concerned, the RE1000 worked very well for the applications that I got a chance to use it for. I tried the RE1000 on an acoustic guitar for one session and for a higher frequency vocal on another. It definitely seems like it does a great job of picking up these higher end sounds, but I would say that I thought it worked much better as an acoustic guitar mic, as I thought that the vocal sound was lacking some fullness since it doesn't seem to have a great low end or mid low end response. I'm unsure what kind of price the RE1000 commands on the used market, but I wouldn't think that they'd be too expensive. I wouldn't recommend the ElectroVoice RE1000 as an all purpose microphone in any studio, but rather as a complimentary one. While it's a cool sounding mic, it's definitley not a replacement for an AKG C 414...