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stompboxjon 14/02/2013

Charter Oak E700 : Recensione di stompboxjon (content in English)

"Lifetime warranty"

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The CharterOak E700 is a multi pattern condenser microphone that has a modern look to it. When I had this microphone I use to get all sorts of compliments on not just the sound quality but the look of it. It has Omni, figure 8 and Cardioid patterns. It is not an “affordable” microphone to me costing well over 800 dollars but if you have the money I would really suggest investing in this microphone.


We mainly used this microphone on acoustic guitars and vocal recordings, it was the perfect microphone for the home musician that plays the acoustic and sings. It is a very versatile microphone but still has a clean and modern sound to it.
The E700 is also built very well, it got knocked over once in the studio by accident due to bringing some drums in and we tipped over the stand. But it didn’t damage the microphone at all and it worked perfectly, it didn’t even scratch. But when you purchase this microphone directly from CharterOak you will get a lifetime warranty on all parts and/or labor so there are no worries just in case something was to happen to it. I have only used maybe two other products from CharterOak but they seem to have great customer service since I have been using them and they are very passionate about their products.
The E700 requires phantom power (48 v) and has an impedance less than 200 ohms. With the frequency respons being 25Hz to 20 kHz and 3 polar patterns, there really aren’t too many things that this microphone cannot handle. If you want quality you will have to pay for it, this microphone has a higher price tag on it but the quality is amazing and the sound is very clean and not colored at all; and with the lifetime warranty that CharterOak offers makes this a must have in my book!