Bock Audio bock 195
Bock Audio bock 195
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moosers 01/11/2009

Bock Audio bock 195 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Bock Audio 195 is a large diaphragm FET (field effect transistor) microphone that has some unique characteristics.  The mic has two different modes (fat and norm) which will give you some bass roll off and is also has a low cut feature.  The mic has a standard cardioid polar pick up pattern and it also has a variable pad to work with.  I love how many different parameters this mic allows you to play with, as it makes for a versatile microphone.  This is microphone that should only be used in the studio as it isn't designed for any other type of use and like all expensive condenser FET mics, it is fragile.


I've used the Bock Audio 195 a number of times in the recording and have to say that I definitely like the sounds that I am able to get with this mic.  I've generally only used the microphone for vocals, but I can tell from the extreme detail that it would be a good fit for most applications that you would want to make sure to pick up all the details possible, like acoustic instruments like guitar and piano.  This is a great option for the professional or the home studio owner looking for a great sounding FET microphone at the fraction of the cost of some other FET mics out there.  What puts the Bock Audio 195 above a lot of the rest of the pack is its ability to play a variety of different roles at once because of the different modes and other features.  Bock Audio is a lesser known company, but that doesn't mean that they don't make great microphones like the 195 is as I believe that they make everything by hand and that an extreme amount of detail goes into making each of these microphones.  While you have plenty of options out there as far as great FET and condensers go, I really think that the Bock Audio 195 is special microphone and is one that should be explored in further detail if you are interested in a mic like this!