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vsavagellc 25/10/2011

Behringer B-2 : Recensione di vsavagellc (content in English)

"Very Inconsistent"

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The Behringer B2 is a budget (low budget) dual diaphragm condenser mic it comes equipped with a carrying case,universal shock mount and a cheap windscreen. I think they should have packaged it with a pop filter as well but that's just my opinion.

Here are some of the key features

Satin nickle plated body finish
3 pin XLR connection (gold plate)
Low freq roll off
-10dB input attenuation (switchable)
flat frequency response
multi pickup patterns: cardioid,omni and figure 8

I've owned this mic for a little over 10 years and it's one of kind. No seriously the one I have really is one of kind. I purchased mic for 200.00 took It to a studio and recorded with it and it was very very similar to the engineers Nueman U87. The b2 wasn't as smooth on the highs but for 200.00 it was close enough. We spent the entire night (free of charge thank god) running test on the Behringer B2 and his Nueman.

After that the engineer and I went online and purchased 10 of them each. We figured if they sound this good we could record video footage and toss them up on eBay and make at least $500.00. The reason we could make that is because Nuemans were expensive (up in the thousands) and behringer is known as a company that produces so so music gear (depending on the price range) So what you'd have to do is buy a piece of gear and keep returning it until you got one that quality. It' was a lot of work but once you got one it was worth it.

Long story short the condenser mics arrived and out of all 20 mics only 5 were really quality (all different ) but nowhere near as quality as the one I brought in. I think I must have gotten lucky or something.


So is the mic worth the time and effort?

I say it's worth having as an extra mic in your arsenal but if you are just starting out and you're on a budget stay away from it because for an extra $40.00 (including tax) you can get something like a Rode NT1. The Behringer is just too inconsistent with this model for me to recommend without feeling guilty. Not to mention most stores now a days won't do returns on mics for health reasons so it's best to go with a company or model that is more consistent.

Just a little update it seems as if the Behringer B2 was discontinued and replaced by with the Behringer B2-PRO which are consistent and a lot of people are noticing the similarity in clarity it shares with more expensive mics that sit in the $1000-$4,000 Price range.

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