Audio-Technica AT4047/SV
Audio-Technica AT4047/SV

AT4047/SV, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from Audio-Technica.

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crankyrayhanky 29/07/2012

Audio-Technica AT4047/SV : Recensione di crankyrayhanky (content in English)

"Rich Delivery "

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The at4047 is a condenser microphone. It is for studio applications, which can be aplenty with this diverse tool. There is a handy -10 pad on the mic, allowing you to place it right up on the grille of a loud amp or front and center on a kick drum. It also has an option for rolling off the low end, which is always a great resource for eliminating mud in a recording situation.


4047- a great mic. I love Hard rock/heavy guitar sounds like Sevendust, Korn, Vai, Buckethead, Zakk, Satriani. This mic is flat out awesome in this area. I put it right up 1" from the grill and receive a slammin' sound with very little work on mic placement. It gives the combination of clarity and brutality that is so hard to find in distorted guitars. Sometimes I'll pair it up with a 57, or borrow a buddy's royer 121. Often it sounds fantastic by itself, as I like to multitrack rhythm guitars. It is awesome for detuned guitars. This mic was the basis for recent Korn discs- it sounds great on guitars, bass cabs, kick drum. I've recently discovered that I like it better on vocals than my tube Studio Projects T3; so the T3 was sold off. It has a low end presence combined with a clarity on the top end (without that shrilly cheap feel that my 4033 gives, since sold). I can't believe how cheap I got it (used), I'll buy another one at market price in a heartbeat. If you love heavy guitars and are depressed about how much or how brittle a royer 121 is, and you're tired of the 57 sound (always a fallback acceeptable tone) you simply must find try the 4047. This is the first mic I grab when micing up my Ampeg bass stack- it is perfect for those clear low frequencies. The 4047 sounds killer on toms as well, sometimes i'll just stick this one on the rack to capture two toms and the results are fantastic- huge and beefy, with plenty of snap to cut right through a mix. Awesome on the floor tom, gives that huge King Kong sound. Kick drums can benefit by placing this a foot away from the soundhole. This is a great room mic for drums; typically mics on this price level have an exaggerated high end that can be abrasive and annoying, especially after multiple tracks. Darker mics tend to muddy things up...this 4047 delivers dark without mud, it's a real organic sounding level of quality. I would purchase these mic again in a heartbeat, as it has so many applications and they all sound top level. Stranded on a desert island? This is the mic!