C 414 B-ULS, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from AKG in the C414 series.

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stompboxjon 13/04/2012

AKG C 414 B-ULS : Recensione di stompboxjon (content in English)

"expensive and worth it"

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The AKG C 414b ULS is a mult directional condenser mic. The mic has a rather large diaphragm and is made to work well with all of your vocal needs. This mic is very professional and it was made just for that, professionals! You really don’t need to have this mic, its an older mic that I don’t think they still make it. Its seem in a lot of older studio’s that are staying vintage. You can also use it for guitars and brass instruments. I am not too sure how it can handle the thump of live drums though because I have never used it for that.


This mic is very flexible and offers a wide frequency range. This is a mic that is top of the line for recording live instruments it really cant get much better than this mic. Sad thing is you will pay for it! This mic will cost you around 1100 dollars or so and that’s if you can find someone who is dumb enough to sell it too you. There is no way I would sell this if I had one! I would never have on of these for myself though because I record at home and just do some basic stuff. But there is a studio about 30 miles from here that uses this mic from time to time and I love the natural sound that it produces and there is no need for cutting a lot of frequencies off with it either.

So if you can afford this mic and find someone who is selling it (good luck) I say get it now! You wont find a better mic that can be this versatile that is semi affordable. Most newer mics that have this kind of quality cost well over 1100 (the cost of this one). Find one if you can..