MOTU Midi Express XT USB
MOTU Midi Express XT USB

Midi Express XT USB, Interfaccia MIDI from MOTU in the Midi Express series.

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moosers 04/04/2010

MOTU Midi Express XT USB : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The MOTU MIDI Express XT USB is an eight by eight MIDI interface, consisting of 128 channels in total. It is designed for any type of use with MIDI that you so choose. In terms of connections, it has a MIDI input and output in the front, and eight MIDI inputs and outputs in the back. It also has a USB port and SMPTE 1/4" connections for input and output for SMPTE synchronization as well. It will indeed fit in a rack casing, and will only take up a single space. Lastly, it has a 1/4" output in the front for a pedal controlling option. There is another version of the XT, but it doesn't have the digital screen and has a different look and make up in general.


Setting up and using the MOTU MIDI Express XT USB isn't a hard task at all. It does however provide you with a good amount of options and features to use here. However, making your basic connections and using this as a simple MIDI interface should prove to be very easy for most users. You can store and save presets, as it has a button for it and also one for going through the different banks. They've made it really easy to do all sorts of routing with the MIDI Express XT, but having the manual around would be a good idea for those who are new to MIDI interfaces.


Overall, the MOTU MIDI Express XT USB is a very solid MIDI interface that has above average characteristics and make up. This goes beyond just being your simple MIDI interface, as there are a lot of features that this has to offer that others do not. If you are someone who uses a MIDI interface a lot and needs a good amount of channels and connections, the MIDI Express XT is definitely something worth looking into. The price is somewhere in the middle, as it isn't too expensive but isn't the cheapest out there, so the price shouldn't be a huge factor in determining if it is right for you. If you're looking for a great looking MIDI interface that has the features to back it up, definitely check out the MOTU MIDI Express XT USB interface.