Synapse Audio Dune 2
Synapse Audio Dune 2

Dune 2, Sintetizzatore hybrid virtuale from Synapse Audio.

public price: 169 € TTC
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nicolaizen 28/08/2014

Synapse Audio Dune 2 : Recensione di nicolaizen (content in English)

"Excellent! I fully recomend it."

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Downloaded and installed without any troubles or compatibility issues.


Works with my gear, (cubase 7,5) and i hope that everything will keep working so well. The only issue I have is some "arpeggiator issues". Unfortunately this happens NOT because the DUNE 2 !! It happens since I connected my AKAI MPK25 and probably it is a problemme caused between MP{K and Cubase. Anyway I'm trying to solve this.


Excellent value for money instr.. I like the quality of the sounds and especially the sounds that are using arpegiattors.