Rob Papen Predator
Rob Papen Predator
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DJ Henny 30/01/2011

Rob Papen Predator : Recensione di DJ Henny (content in English)

"Good RNB ish vst, nice bass sounds."

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This VST is a good VST for anyone making RNB music. The leads and bass synths in this VST are quality. The GUI can be pretty confusing. Sounds are seperated through banks and then split into sections for different genres of sound. The actual layout on the GUI can be confusing, as there is a lot of un explained knobs and cogs that the new user will not know anything about and they will be intimidated. However this can be fun for the new user, they can play with the knobs themselves (pause) and find out what they do. This VST has worked fine with both Ableton Live and FL Studio.


Predator VST works flawlessly with no hitches for me, on both of my computers. From what I know it has never ever caused a crash in any of my DAW's. The load time of the presets is nigh on instant and very impressive. However it uses my despised menu system that pops up and floods your screen to find sounds. Many VST's do this and I do not like it in general. I prefer the traditional browser selection method in VST's. I have had this VST for a year or so now and it has never let me down when I am looking for a quick bass sound to fill a mix. The CPU load of this VST is seemingly light too as it has never pushed either of my computers (1.8ghz pentium & a 2.5ghz core 2 quad).


I'm in love with some of the bass and lead sounds in Predator VST. They really fill out any mix and sound nice in the process. This is one of my favourite VST's for RNB production and smooth sounds. They sound brilliant in any RNB or Hip Hop song. Some of the pads in this VST are seemingly thin and shoddy though. This is a weakness of Predator VST. These sounds are pretty much just filler for the stock library. To my knowledge there are other sound banks available to use in this VST, however I have not explored them yet. I do not like the way presets are selected though and the actual GUI. Knowing what I know now I would still get this VST as it is pretty much essential to any RNB production, expecially in the style of Ryan Leslie.