Big Tick Audio Software Rhino 2

Rhino 2, Sintetizzatore hybrid virtuale from Big Tick Audio Software.

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stompboxjon 05/07/2012

Big Tick Audio Software Rhino 2 : Recensione di stompboxjon (content in English)

"very good hybrid synth"

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The Rhino 2 from Big Tick audio Software company is a software vst plug in that I was using a few years ago, I think I was using it from 2006 to 2008 or around that time. I had it installed on a old dell laptop that I was using at the time. But since that computer crashed, I havent took the time in all these years to reinstall Rhino 2 back onto any of my new systems. I do think its worthy of still being used, I just havent remembered to do it with all the other vst’s that I am currently in love it . But from that time period I used Rhino 2 so many times and I remember how easy it was to actually use and how much I loved the fact that you can edit the parameters of the sounds so quick and easy.


Using this software was a breeze and so was installing it, I remember it only took a few minutes to install. It really reminds me a lot of Sytrus from Image line except the fact that I think Rhino 2 is a lot easier to edit your sounds and save them as presets to use them at a later time. Rhino 2 was the first Big Tick Audio Vst that I have use (at the time) so when purchasing it I was a little skeptical because I have never heard of the company before (during 2006 to 2008). But I am well informed of them now and will continue to buy stuff from them at this point.


Overall, I remember how good the software was. Actually writing this review makes me want to go back and start using it. The sounds selection on this vst was great, maybe I can pull it back out and dig out some new ideas from an old vst. I recommend getting this.