Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V
Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V

8100 ValveState 100V, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the ValveState I series.

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tjon901 13/05/2011

Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"Forgotten Marshall metal machine."

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When solid-state amps started hitting the scene people were afraid of the new technology and most believed good tone wasnt there. Marshall believed they could make a hybrid amp that combined a pre-amp tube with a solid-state power section. This combination saves a lot of money in the production of the amp. This hybrid setup emulates the tone of a cranked power-tube section of a tube Marshall. It has a clean channel and an overdrive channel. The overdrive channel comes with two voicings and the clean channel has its own EQ. It puts out 100watts of power with an effects loop.


The amp has a very bell like clean tone and more gain than the traditional Marshall. The amp features a contour knob that when turned up emulates pushing the power section of the amp harder. This greatly effects the tone of the amp. The gain can go from traditional British overdrive to searing high gain. The built in spring reverb is a great feature but it can easily come loose so make sure your amp has it when you go to purchase it.


I mainly use LP style Mahogany guitars with high output humbuckers and this amp suited them perfectly. The high output pickups combined with the overdrive from the amp provided a great high gain sound. The 8100 is known for its clarity even with the gain cranked. The contour knob can change the voicing from having a tight low end to having a good high end bite.


With the 8100 I liked the ability to get classic Marshall tones along with the heavy tones. Nowadays 8100s can be had for very low prices. They are hidden gems that can be had for less than 200 dollars now. Big bands like Death, In Flames and Meshuggah have used them from time to time. This blows away all the newer solid-state amps and all of the newer low end Marshalls.