Lionstracs Groove X-R
Lionstracs Groove X-R
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stompboxjon 28/08/2012

Lionstracs Groove X-R : Recensione di stompboxjon (content in English)

"It will suprise you"

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The Liontracs Groove X-R is a 19 inch module that is all in real time. The unit is very different than a lot of other racks that I have used and seen. The Groove X-R looks like it is a simple instrument rack when it really isn’t not that simple. It is pretty in-depth in the sound process and will provide you with all of tools you need to be able to create some really good full thick sounding patches. The Liontracs Groove X-R is a touch screen unit that can get a bit aggravating because of the fact that the screen is so small. This is really the only downside of the unit, if you want to be able to use the rack properly you will have to use the touch screen, if your eye sight isn’t great or the room and studio lighting isn’t low, you could have some issues with navigation on the Groove X-R. In order to fix the issue for the screen you will have to use a external monitor for the rack which is easy to hook up via HDMI or I think there is a VGA hook up as well. But keep in mind that on your external screen you will no longer have touch screen support, but at that point you can hook up a regular mouse to use.

The back of the unit has a total of 6 USB connectors and a keyboard and mouse input as well as your basic connections like 5Pin Midi in and midi out as well as a DVI OUT and inputs for your control pedals.

The Liontracs was manufactures in Italy and is very well built. It doesn’t weight a lot and isn’t hard to take with you if you need to. Though its not a small unit, but it still doesn’t weigh that much. When you purchase the Liontracs Groove X-R it will come with a 4 Gig USB card for all your backup files. This is included at no extra cost.

You really get a bang for your buck with the Liontracs Groove X-R. We are very happy with our purchase and will keep an eye out for more products made by Liontracs.