Celestion G12T-75 (8 Ohms)
Celestion G12T-75 (8 Ohms)

G12T-75 (8 Ohms), Speaker chitarra from Celestion belonging to the G12T-75 model.

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Hatsubai 18/06/2011

Celestion G12T-75 (8 Ohms) : Recensione di Hatsubai (content in English)

"A bit too scooped for me"

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The Celestion G12T75 is probably today’s most common speaker. It comes in nearly every standard Marshall JCM900 cab, so I assume most people have tried this at one time or another. It can handle 75 watts of power, is 12’’ in diameter, comes in either 8 or 16 ohm format and has a ceramic magnet.

Yet again, people were looking for even more power than the Vintage 30 could deliver. This time, they made the G12T75, and it’s pretty much the exact opposite of the Vintage 30. Where as the Vintage 30 has some very aggressive midrange, ths G12T75 has extreme bass and high end. The midrange is, therefore, pushed back a bit.

For me, I could never really get along with this speaker. It was simply too scooped for me. I know it works well with some Marshalls, but I usually prefer using Greenbacks or even Vintage 30s compared to this. The bass was big, but I also found it to be a touch flabby. It didn’t seem as tight as the Vintage 30. The highs were also a bit too harsh for me. Recorded, they seemed to sound flat and not have much life to them like the Vintage 30 does. They’re quite a bit harder to record, and I find they’re much better for mixing with another speaker than running them straight. What I mean is, fill half the cab with the G12T75 speakers and fill the other half with Vintage 30s. That seems to give a very even response overall.

If you’re looking for a high gain heavy metal speaker, I still recommend the Vintage 30. I could never get along with the G12T75, so I can’t really recommend it. Still, there are some that love it, and that can’t be denied. Thankfully, these speakers are so prevalent that you are sure to find one at your local music store to test out.