DBZ Guitars Z-Glide Neck
DBZ Guitars Z-Glide Neck

Z-Glide Neck, Guitar neck from DBZ Guitars.

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tjon901 27/06/2011

DBZ Guitars Z-Glide Neck : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"What do you think makes a fast neck?"

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Dean Zelinsky founded Dean guitars back in the 70s. He recently left Dean guitars to do his own unique thing again. Now he has a new company and he trying to change the way he think about guitars. He has super thin models that have super sustain and other unique concepts. On all of his American made guitars you can get the option of a Z-Glide neck. The Z-Glide neck is a genius concept to remove surface area from the back of the neck and reducing friction on your hand. Everyone knows that a glossy neck finish can get sticky after playing it for a while and your hands begin to sweat. This style of neck prevents this friction while retaining the classy look of a finished neck. The back of the neck has little half spheres carved out on it. The pattern looks similar to that of a golf ball. It has the despressions and lines cut into it. DBZ says the lines on the back of the neck are for removing sweat from your hand. They state that the concept is like a car tire driving in the rain. As your hand moves up and down the neck the lines will shave away sweat from your hands. According to DBZ guitars they remove 70% of the wood off the surface of the back of the neck without impacting the tone or strenght of the neck very much. This means your hand is only touching 1/3 of the wood that it would normally touch on the back of the neck. It may feel funny when you first play it but you will soon notice that there really is less friction on your hand. It does not feel like any other neck. It does what DBZ says it does it allows faster playing but it is an expensive option and only for custom USA made DBZ guitars.