BBE Sonic Stomp
BBE Sonic Stomp

Sonic Stomp, Guitar enhancer from BBE in the Stomp Boxes series.

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songboy 16/11/2009

BBE Sonic Stomp : Recensione di songboy (content in English)


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This is simply a EQing tool.  There are no other effects
No this cannot be edited through a computer.  It is strictly analog audio.
It is not rackable in the traditional sense.  You can purchase shelves that allow you to rackmount guitar pedals.
This is strictly analog
There is only 1/4" audio jacks (and of course the power supply jack).


Yes, the effect editing is easy.  Tow knobs, Lo contour (bass) and process (phase correction).
Yes the manual is clear enough.  Its a short read and tells you exactly what the pedal is doing in order to accomplish its task of cleaning up (de-mudding) your sound.
Yes the setup is very easy, plug it in, dial in the two knobs for your ideal sound, and thats it.


I use this for my Parker guitar going into a Fender Twin as well as a Rhodes Mark 1 going into a twin.
I have read reviews where people say that the tone is lost.  I somewhat agree.  I would never use this when recording a track.  I would do all the EQing in the post production.  But, when you are playing live, this thing is amazing.  It helps you cut through the mix better which means you don't have to blast the stage with you guitar amp to be heard.  It really helps with the clarity.  It doesn't color the sound so much as it thins it a little. 
I love this little pedal.  It opens up a lot of frequency room for my voice when I am playing live.  I use to feel drowned out by my rhodes when I played and sang, but now there is room


What I like most is its use in live situations.  Works great for clarity.
What I don't like about it????  Not really anything, it does what it does and doesn't cost an arm and a leg and is doesn't take up to much pedal board space.
I got mine used for $50, that was a great deal.  I think they go for $100 new, but thats still not to bad for the clarity it delivers.
Again, I only use mine in live applications.  When recording, I want all the frequencies there, then I fine tune in post production.
I had the Boss Equalizer stomp box, but it had a lot more noise and didn't quite cut it for me.
I would definitely buy this guy again, comes in very handy.