Xotic Effects RC Booster
Xotic Effects RC Booster

RC Booster, Guitar/Bass booster from Xotic Effects.

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nickname009 20/08/2011

Xotic Effects RC Booster : Recensione di nickname009 (content in English)


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# It's active Treble, Bass ,Gain and Volume controls allow for limitless tone shaping .
# The RC Booster offers a super transparent 20db+ clean boost and a +- 15db 2 band active EQ without ever compromising the integrity of the original TONE.
# It provides a solution to sound degradation, caused by long instrument cables and/or long effect chains between guitar and amp, by strengthening the original signal.
# True bypass for eliminating any signal interference when switched off.

The RC is basically a clean boost pedal that allows you to further shape the EQ with treble and bass knobs. Depending on the original guitar signal it can add the slightest amount of clipping or 'dirt' to the signal.


Of course, very simple to use. 4 knobs that will help guide you into creating some very lush and thick boosted guitar tones. Plug in, tweak just a bit, and play.


The RC has a great thing about it, that it's transparent. Very transparent. So transparent in fact, that if one were to set the knobs correctly you can pretty much not even hear that it's been engaged. And once you adjust the knobs accordingly, you can either fatten the sound of a single coil, or slightly push the amp into the SLIGHTEST bit of overdrive to get a bluesy tone. It's a great pedal and very low gain.

As a high gain overdrive, it's spectacular. Not only does it provide complete transparency, it pushes the amp into overdrive just enough to get that saturated overdrive tones that most hi gain players are looking for. Of course this also depends on the amount of gain one uses. Some like to add gain from the overdrive pedal itself which helps but I've always liked things to be a bit clearer, tighter and try not to overdo it with the gain.


I think this is my new favorite pedal out of the xotic line. It's so clear and yet subtle but can provide a lot of different textures depending on how you set it. It's very sublte mind you but it definitely does make a difference. It's most likely my most favorite clean boost so far.

I've heard many other users and have been nothing but impressed of the tones I've heard from them whether it was blues or jazz or what have you. Yes, this pedal is mainly geared to more lower-gain styles of music, but it is not to say that the RC can't be used as a hi-gain overdrive as I've stated before, it definitely can depending on the context and the amp that you have of course.

I generally like to use non-made-for-metal pedals for metal. It just seems to work better than most pedals that are actually designed for metal. I can't quite put my finger on why or how. Overall, great clean boost. Very uncompressed, transparent sound. Great!!