MXR M133 Micro Amp
MXR M133 Micro Amp

M133 Micro Amp, Guitar/Bass booster from MXR.

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ejendres 10/11/2011

MXR M133 Micro Amp : Recensione di ejendres (content in English)

"cool pedal"

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This is a clean boost pedal. I believe its all analog, but I'm not positive. It is the most simple a pedal can be, an on/off switch and a gain knob.


This pedal works exactly as advertised. It boosts the signal. Super easy to setup and use, considering its only one knob. I never needed to consult the manual so I can not comment on it.


This is designed to be a boost for leads or to help compensate between pickup outputs when switching between guitars. When you have your amp set for cleans or low to mid gain it works beautifully. There is a very distinct jump in volume with out any real coloring of your tone.

However, as you increase the amp gain the less effective this pedal is. With as the pre amp gain increases the pedal adds less and less volume. After a while it mostly just adds punch and saturation. Which is a very cool sound in its own right. It comes in really handy if you have an amp that need just a little extra push to get it into high gain territory.


If you're a clean to mid gain player looking for a volume boost this is the pedal for you. It can do significant boosts in volume without really touching your tone. Which is the entire point of a clean boost.

If you're a high gain player looking for a volume boost you should look else where. The jump in volume even with the gain all the way up on the pedal isn't significant enough to be useful. However, if your a high gain player looking for a way to add saturation and punch while retaining your core tone, definitely try a microamp out. It may be just what you're looking for.