MXR M133 Micro Amp
MXR M133 Micro Amp

M133 Micro Amp, Guitar/Bass booster from MXR.

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ericthegreat 21/12/2011

MXR M133 Micro Amp : Recensione di ericthegreat (content in English)

"small but powerful"

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This is simply a 7 band equalizer in stomp box skin.
I believe it is all analog.
No, no editing through pc, just 8 mini faders
This is only audio 1/4" connections
and it is not rackable in the traditional sense.


Setup is simple, plug your instrument in one end, the amp on the other and there you go. The sound editing is as simple as bending over and adjusting one of 8 faders. I have never consulted the manual, and never plan to. There is really nothing else to know.


The EQ is pretty good. Its a little noisy, but that is kind of a stupid deal with boss anyways. If you are really serious about EQ, you need a rack mountable, multi band equalizer. I use this on a Rhodes piano, and my Parker guitar. Works pretty good in getting some lows out and boosting highs to cut through the rest of the band for soloing. Works best after a distortion pedal to reduce the &; Like I said before, its a little noisy, I would never use it in a recording session, but in a live setting, no one would ever notice.


I have been using this for three years. I like its easy portability (its so small). I dislike the hiss you get when you boost the highs. This is really the only stomp box EQ I have ever tried. The prices for this pedal are decent. Its worth it if you need a clearer, brighter tone, or if you won't more low end say on a solo. Yeah, I would buy it again, its just so darn easy to use. But I love it, reproduce the sound of the amp by inflating the sound and giving it more body and thickness. You wont want to go with out this pedal if you can get your hands on one.