Fulltone Fat-Boost
Fulltone Fat-Boost

Fat-Boost, Guitar/Bass booster from Fulltone.

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iamqman 02/07/2011

Fulltone Fat-Boost : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Fat Boost"

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I'm not really into this pedal so my review will dictate that unpleasant feeling towards it. This is a subtle pedal in that the effect it gives while very transparent is extremely low. You will hear a difference when you engage this pedal from your normal rig tone but it doesn't do a whole lot.

However, the way I believe it was designed was to use at the end of your signal chain and a line booster if anything. In this application it achieves the tone when loosing signal with long effects chains or long instrument cables. The Fulltone Fat Boost 3 is slightly different then is previous examples.


Pretty simple to use...it has two control knobs and two mini knobs that dial in the bass and treble as desired. When it comes to these types of pedals I am really looking for something that doesn't alter the tone. So when I see knobs to dial EQ I pass my interest very quickly. Especially it is something that is used as a buffer which ideally would have no EQ operation. Just a box and maybe one control knob like the Flying Dragon from Lizard Leg Effects.


Like I mentioned previously the sound is very good but not too much of a difference. I like using boost for amps on occasion but this doesn't do it for me. I think I would much rather get an OCD from Fulltone and run it as a clean boost. But if this thing is designed for the end of your chain than I would pass on it.

If I need an EQ boost than I would get an MXR EQ and be done with it. The EQing for me just kills this idea for a pedal. If I need a buffer than I'd buy one from Wampler.


I would pass on this pedal. They original pedals are harder to find now, but I think you can pass on it if you don't have long effects chains or long cables. Fulltone products are made to high quality standards so this pedal is very good quality but not a real need for it in my opinion.

I probably would only recommend this pedal to someone in need of an inexpensive and subtle boost. It is pretty cheap and will boost your amp a little. If you need a pedal to stack on top of your existing overdrive pedal than this is a good pedal for that. It does give a solid boost to other OD pedals.