65amps Colour Boost
65amps Colour Boost

Colour Boost, Guitar/Bass booster from 65amps.

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mooseherman 24/03/2010

65amps Colour Boost : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)


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This is a rather interesting pedal. I guess it's technicaly an overdrive pedal, even though it doesn't operate like most of those pedals do. It simply has the 1/4" input/output and is powered by a 9V adapter. This is an analog pedal, and as such, it's not rackable and cannot be edited with a computer. It is also not capable of being MIDI-controlled.


The editing of this effect is actually not so simple, contrary to most of my favorite pedals. This is one instance where only having two knobs ("voicing" (which is the coloring effect), and gain) is actually a hindrance rather than a liberating feature. For one thing, this pedal is unique in that it's not easy to operate while the guitar is at full volume. Once I tried rolling back a bit (and then a bit more), I found that I could actually get a good idea of what this pedal does.


This is not exactly a "vintage" sounding pedal. For once, I found something that doesn't exactly sound like a 60's throwback. Rather, it reminds me of some of the new-wave, lighter post-punk guitar tones I discovered in my later years listening to some of the New Order, Smiths, and later Elvis Costello stuff (like "Beyond Belief"). While some of that stuff is dismissed as sounding overly artificial, I beg to differ. I think that when this thing is used tastefully, it can give the guitar a jangly, chiming feeling that is reminiscent of the aforementioned bands (Smiths especially). It also, when combined with light overdrives (or heavy distortions) can get some truly otherworldly sounds. Even though it doesn't sound that much like My Bloody Valentine, I can't help but think of that band when I really push this thing. This is mainly because it overdrives certain frequencies more than others, giving certain overtones a dominance that I find intriguing. A rather unique effect that is tasteful and adds some real texture to my playing.


Even though it was a pain to figure out, I'm still really happy with this pedal. I would certainly recommend it to fans of some of the bands I discussed, or anyone bored with the "vintage" sounds who doesn't like the really wacky effects. It's not exactly cheap, so it might have to be a special treat for most of us, but I think that those who shell out for it (and know what to expect) will enjoy it. I recommend it to people who are looking for a unique effect that isn't commonly heard.