Yamaha RM1X
Yamaha RM1X

RM1X, Groove Machine from Yamaha.

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theaudioandvideoguy 22/03/2012

Yamaha RM1X : Recensione di theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"oldie but goodie"

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The Yamaha RM1X is a step programmable machine interface. The technology used in this unit is the same that is in a lot of samplers on the market today. One thing that is really cool with this is that you can actually purchase a add on piece of hardware for it that will make it rack able! Most Hardware sequencers don’t come or even have that option available. So Yamaha was thinking on their toes when creating this hardware. It was made around 10 years ago, so you can get them pretty cheap online today. I personally don’t have one anymore because I have traded it for another piece of gear years ago. Not to say it wasn’t a good buy, because it was and it served its purpose in my workflow.


One thing you will need with this unit is the manual. The manual is pretty lengthy too, not too easy to understand. Well its not hard to understand its just so boring. But once you get the hang of it you wont need the manual unless you forgot how to do something. Most of the menu’s are self explanatory once you figure out how to get to them. The screen is small though, so beware. Most devices with small backlit screens don’t play well on my eyes which was one of the downfalls of this machine for me.


You will love the sounds and sound quality you will get out of the RM1X. It is second to none, there are a lot of effects and you can have a song up to 256 measures long. Also, with the ability to have 16 different midi inserts going. The memory on this unit isn’t that much though, I think you can only save around 15 or so songs if I remember correctly. So its far from where we are today with computers and saving you whole lifes work for later use.


Overall, the RM1X does the job you need it to do with out any issues. Minus the learning curve you will love this unit and it will go great in your work flow and make your music a little less stressful because this unit does so much for you. I suggest purchasing this now because its really cheap online and in the music stores locally. Its really a no brainer now because of the cost.