MXR KFK1 Ten Band Equalizer
MXR KFK1 Ten Band Equalizer

KFK1 Ten Band Equalizer, Graphic equalizer pedal from MXR.

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Fireguy8402 23/12/2011

MXR KFK1 Ten Band Equalizer : Recensione di Fireguy8402 (content in English)

"Very versatile"

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The KFK-1 Kerry King signature EQ is a 10 band graphic EQ pedal from MXR. The pedal has 10 sliders that can cut or boost that frequency by 12dB. The bands available are 31.25 hz, 62.5 hz, 125 hz, 250 hz, 500 hz, 1 khz, 2 khz, 4 khz, 8 khz, and 16 khz. The pedal has a gain slider for the input and a volume slider for the outputs. There are two outputs available for use with two amps at once. The pedal can be powered by 9 volt batter or external AC adapter.


This pedal is built extremely well like most MXR pedals. The housing is made of all metal and the bypass switch is very rugged. It has “positive feel” sliders that hold the settings very well, even if bumped, and are illuminated so the settings can be read on a dark stage during a gig. The tattoo graphics could come off cheesy, but actually don’t look bad.


There are a lot of options in this pedal. There are more than enough sliders to find the right frequency you need to change to get your tone right where you want it. I feel this pedal is best used to tame the low end of an amp and really tighten it up for use with metal or hard rock, but it can be useful in all musical settings. It is super quiet and doesn’t add any noise to your signal chain, unlike the noisy Boss GE-7. It really lets you shape your sound and make a decent amp sound even better.


Overall this is a great EQ pedal if you need this much versatility. I moved back to the MXR 6 band equalizer and gave up a few options, but saved room on my pedal board. The 10 band is nice, but it rather large and bulky. I just use an EQ pedal for a drastic filtered tone, but for reeling in the tone of an amp or for using two amps I’d probably stick with the more versatile 10 band. This pedal and the six band MXR is built for touring, so I don’t worry about reliability. The lighted sliders are great at gigs and the switch feels really solid with a nice click when you engage the pedal. Overall I think MXR has the best EQ pedals out there right now, and I would more than urge you to pick up the MXR over the Boss version.