Waves API 560
Waves API 560

API 560, Software graphic EQ from Waves in the API series.

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Hatsubai 16/06/2011

Waves API 560 : Recensione di Hatsubai (content in English)

"10 band EQ"

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This is yet another EQ that Waves has made. This time, it's modeled after the famous graphic equalizer of the time. There are ten different EQ bands on this ranging from 31 Hz to 16KHz. On top of that, there is a Q control that can either widen or narrow the overall filter band.

The moment people see this, they're going to mention its versatility. Yes, it's more versatile than the other ones. However, the other ones were more parametric EQs where as this is a graphic EQ. I find that this can work awesome for boosting a guitar signal into overdrive by applying it before the amp modeler, but it doesn't have that vintage EQ character that I enjoyed from the other ones.


Waves plugins are some of the best out there, bar none. For one, they're cross platform. For a Mac user, that means the world. I'm always trying to support companies that support Mac, and Waves has been pretty good about that since the whole Intel switch. I've used these in Logic without any problems. Although they're 32 bit plugins, Logic will add a bridge to allow you to use them in a 64 bit environment as to not limit you to the amount of ram you can utilize. On top of that, these things are rock solid. I've never had a crash with Waves plugins at all.


In one way, this EQ is a bit more versatile simply because it's a 10 band graphic EQ. On the other hand, I find myself using the API 550 series more because they're closer to parametric EQs, and they tend to be better suited for guitars and the such. However, this is still a great EQ, and I recommend you check it out if you ever get the chance. Just be sure not to pirate these as Waves loses enough money as it is thanks to the pirates out there.