Plum Crazy FX Fuzzy Lady
Plum Crazy FX Fuzzy Lady

Fuzzy Lady, Fuzz pedal from Plum Crazy FX.

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moosers 21/12/2010

Plum Crazy FX Fuzzy Lady : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Plum Crazy FX Fuzzy Lady is a guitar effects pedal that I’ve got experience using in the studio. Plum Crazy isn’t a very well known company but they’ve got a pretty nice series of pedals offered including this one. It has more or less standard characteristics, with ¼” input and output connections and a nine volt power supply jack. The pedal also has true bypass and isn’t going to be rackable.


The make up of the Plum Crazy FX Fuzzy Lady should be easy for players on all levels to operate. It has knobs for controlling your volume, fuzz, and tone and also has a switch for a high/low setting. It couldn’t be much easier to use, so I don’t think a manual is necessary.


The Plum Crazy FX Fuzzy Lady is a pretty unique sounding fuzz box as it doesn’t just give you a ton of distorted signal like a lot of fuzz boxes will. I actually like using the pedal best for more subtle fuzz sounds for both lead and rhythm guitar parts, but it’s certainly capable of getting more violent and heavy fuzz sounds. I’ve only used the pedal a few times for recording on a series of sessions where the lead guitar brought the pedal in. I didn’t find the pedal to be overbearing like a lot of fuzz pedals, which for me sets it apart…


The Plum Crazy FX Fuzzy Lady pedal isn’t the most readily available pedal on the market, but sometimes you’ve got to dig a little deeper to get some finds. Since this is handmade in the USA, it’s not the cheapest fuzz box around, but it’s a tradeoff. You can find something out there for much cheaper but certainly not at this quality. I’d encourage those interested in this pedal to do a good amount of research on fuzz boxes and to try this one if at all possible. It’s not the be all end all for fuzz pedals, but it’s a pretty awesome one.