Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz
Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz

Musket Fuzz, Fuzz pedal from Blackout Effectors.

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VishNuRoXoUt 04/04/2011

Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz : Recensione di VishNuRoXoUt (content in English)

"Best "muff" ever!"

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The Blackout Effectors Musket fuzz is a "muff" based fuzz/distortion pedal with a lot of tonal possibilities. From gut-wrenching heavy distortion and walls of fuzz to a more subtle, and backed off fuzz. It's absolutely incredible how many sounds you can get out of this fuzz and the lead tones you can get from it will always have you coming back for more.


The controls over the fuzzes sound is unprecedented. With the six knobs you can control just about every parameter there is to change. The range of the 'Mids' and 'Tone' knobs are huge, making it really easy to dial in exactly where you want your sound. I've said that the lead tones are fantastic, but this fuzz can also get a very chunky and very articulate rhythm sound. Perfect for heavier bands music like Baroness and Mastodon.


The sound quality of this pedal is astounding. I've had many muff based fuzzes and this one stands out before all of them. It cuts through a mix like butter, there is absolutely nothing poorly I can say with my experience with this pedal. I have played it through various guitars and a few basses and every time it was simply amazing. It sounds HUGE with a bass guitar. Very tight sounding fuzz for bass. It is quite noisy on higher gain settings, but that is to be expected with a fuzz. Only possible gripe with the Musket Fuzz.


This is by far the best "muff" based fuzz pedal I have played. It does everything I could possibly want in a fuzz. The price is really nice for a fuzz with these features and with a build quality like the Musket, it's worth every penny. What I like most about the Musket is it's ability to dial in just the right amounts of mids and focus the bass response to the tee. Fantastic fuzz, that is on my board to stay.