Analog Man Peppermint fuzz
Analog Man Peppermint fuzz

Peppermint fuzz, Fuzz pedal from Analog Man.

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mooseherman 26/04/2010

Analog Man Peppermint fuzz : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)


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This is a Fuzz pedal from the Analog Man company. This is an analog pedal, which is all that Analog Man makes. Thus, there is no digital technology, hence no Computer or MIDI capabilities. The pedal is definitely not rackable. There are simply the 1/4" input and output, as well as a power out for a 9V adaptor.


Editing this pedal is pretty simple, there are only three knobs. There is a basic volume knob, which obviously controls the volume of the wet signal. The second knob is a fuzz know, which controls the amount of fuzz in the signal. A third knob, called the Buzz knob, controls the kind of fuzz that comes out of the pedal. This gives the pedal a little bit more versatility and is a nice welcome addition to a fuzz pedal. The manual will explain all of these knobs, setup, and troubleshooting well, as it doesn't take much to really get into it. Since the knobs aren't labeled, the manual is more necessary than usual.


I really liked this pedal, but it wasn't a very universal pedal. Mainly, I was disappointed that it didn't really work with my Strat very well. The tone was brittle and weak. However, it really sounded great with a Les Paul. That guitar's humbucking pickups and really solid build helped bring out the power of this pedal to the max. I think that the best approximation of tones would have to be Neil Young (with Crazy Horse) or something like Dinosaur Jr but more tame. I think that this Fuzz pedal is unique, it's not a weak 60s fuzz but it doesn't try to rip your head off like the Big Muff or Fuzz factory pedals do (for better or worse). Instead, the tone is great for ringing out bright, loud, tough chords. The combination of these qualities is unique and very welcome.


The best thing about this pedal was the buzz knob, I think that having that extra amount of control over the tone made it very versatile and gave it a serious flexibility. It'd be good for a guitarist who needs fuzz at different levels, but who doesn't necessarily need a ton of it to drown his sound. The pedal isn't really all that expensive, it shouldn't cost you too much more than most good pedals. I'd recommend this to Les Paul owners and other guitarists that have humbuckers and like loud fuzz that doesn't crush your tone.