TC Electronic Konnekt 8
TC Electronic Konnekt 8

Konnekt 8, FireWire audio interface from TC Electronic in the Konnekt series.

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Audiofanzine FR 07/12/2008

TC Electronic Konnekt 8 : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by karl.vdb/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Which technical specifications motivated your choice?

I needed a sound card I could use in standalone mode (I wanted to upgrade my system combining an M-audio PCI card with a Yamaha MG10/2 mixer, which has an average sound quality).

The number of inputs is ideal for me.

What do you use it for?

Home studio application with Sonar 8 PE and as standalone device.

What's your setup (motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard drive,...)?

Motherboard: Asus M2N

CPU: AMD Athlon X2 4000+

Ram: 3 GB

HDD: 160 GB

Windows XP SP2

DAW: Sonar 8 PE

Do you use it with other instruments or systems (mixing console, preamp, DtD, ...) and what's your setup?

I connect it directly to my MP8 digital piano (I only use the audio functions, the Midi is connected directly to the computer via USB).

I didn't buy the 24D version because Sonar 8 offers lots of good plug-ins.


- Did you have any problems during installation?

No problems at all, just install, connect, update the drivers and configure it... Perfect!

- Did you have any incompatibility problems?


- How complicated is the overall configuration?

Very easy compared to my previous M-audio

- Is the user's manual clear and comprehensive?

Yes (I only miss descriptions about the DPC)


Is the driver stable?

Very stable up to now. I was a bit worried because of several reviews I read, but fortunately the interface was updated and it is now very reliable.

- Are they up-to-date?


- Which software do you use?

Sonar 8 PE

- What's the latency of your system?

11.6 ms

- How many tracks can you record/playback simultaneously ?



- How long have you been using it?

Three days only and I'm fully satisfied (I will update this review in the future).

- Which feature do you like the most / the least?

Ease of use and audio quality

- Did you try any other models before buying it?

I only compared it with my previous system (M-audio 1010LT + Yamaha mg10/2 mixer) and the Konnekt is much better.

- How would you rate its value for money?

Very good!

- Based on your experience, would you buy this product again?

Yes, for sure