M-Audio Firewire 18/14
M-Audio Firewire 18/14

Firewire 18/14, FireWire audio interface from M-Audio in the FireWire series.

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AlanForPresident 06/09/2012

M-Audio Firewire 18/14 : Recensione di AlanForPresident (content in English)

"M audio's interfaces rock"

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The M Audio FireWire 18/14 was an interface that I used on several occasions back around 2008. It was well built and it came with a pretty good software that I didn’t expect to have any use with but ended up mixing some really good stuff with it. (I cant remember exactly which software it was although). The Fire Wire 18/14 has all the connections you need to get your mics and instruments or almost any sound sources audio to your laptop or desktop computer. The Latency on this interface is very low, probably almost a 0 latency from the time that I had with it and it was amazing. You can also use your ASIO drivers with it to make the latency even lower. ASIO for all is a free tool you can use with almost any interface and with any system and software. Another key feature of the Fire Wire 18/14 is how great it is in a live setting. You wont need to use some of the interfaces that are already at venues if you are a live performer , you can just use your interface ( the 18/14) something you stand by and that you know works. The M Audio Fire Wire 18/14 Builds confident s because you know its going to work for your every time you use it.


It has 8x4 24 bit I/O and 18 in and 14 out fire-wire Audio and Midi connections. It is a very user friendly interface that has pretty much everything right on the face of the unit including Output, input and Axillary send monitoring right on the front of the Fire Wire 18/14. Latency is low in Cubase LE and the drivers are very stable as with most M Audio’s products are.


I don’t remember a manual for this interface, and I don’t think I every saw one. But since it’s a M Audio interface there is no doubt in my mind that it was easy to understand and use.


The quality of the sound you will get with the Fire Wire 18/14 is very good, its second to none. I am very happy to have the honor to use this unit while our group had it. I though about purchasing one for my self but I already had two interfaces at the time. But I do love all M Audio’s interfaces. They are well built and worth the money.