Mutronics Mutator
Mutronics Mutator

Mutator, Filtro from Mutronics.

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moosers 24/01/2010

Mutronics Mutator : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Mutronics Mutator is a uniquely designed filter with a whole ton of cool features.  It is a stereo unit, so it has two separate channels, and is made up of purely analog components.  I'm not sure of the connections that it has since the one that I have used was already pre racked in the studio that I used it in.  It is a rack mountable piece of gear and will take up two spaces.


The Mutronics Mutator is split up into a few different sections.  It has two main sections for envelope follower and LFO, and then has a three unnamed section with a few other parameters.  The first section (env follower) has three parameters to work with while the LFO section has the same in terms of knobs, but a few more switches.  There are also general parameters for envelope sweep, cut off, and resonance.  It also a bunch of other switches to work with to control different features.  I've never found it a problem to use the Mutronics Mutator, but since this is a unique piece of gear, if you're unfamiliar with filtering I'd suggest having the manual handy.


The sounds heard from the Mutronics Mutator are versatile, unique, and down right awesome.  You would usually see this kind of filtering for use with synthesizers, but this is for general audio and can really provide you with some interesting tones.  I've used the Mutator on vocals, electric guitars, and even some drums on occasion.  This is a really creative piece of equipment, so what you use it for could be totally different from what I might find it useful for.  It has the versatility in terms of parameters to adapt and be used in experimental ways.  The Mutator is made up of great parts, so it has a really clean sound and everything does exactly what it is supposed to do.


The Mutronics Mutator is definitely one of the coolest pieces of outboard gear that I have had experience with.  I've only seen the one that I have used, so it isn't like these are readily available in any stretch of the term.  If you can find one for sale I would imagine that it would cost a great deal of money to acquire it, especially considering that the studio that I used this in was the biggest that I've been in.  If money is no object and you find one of these available, I can pretty much guarantee that you will be happy with having this around!