Stedman Proscreen 100
Stedman Proscreen 100

Proscreen 100, Filtro Anti-pop from Stedman.

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vsavagellc 26/11/2011

Stedman Proscreen 100 : Recensione di vsavagellc (content in English)

"You Must Purchase It!"

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I purchased this pop filter to replace a previous pop filter that I had owned for 10 years (yea it was long over due)

The Stedman is pop filter made out of metal (mesh like design) rather than fabric like a lot of other filters you can find at guitar center (or other music stores). It's attached to a flexible gooseneck making it easy to position around the condenser mic. I had no problems using this popfilter with my Behringer B2 Or my SP B3 condenser mics


I love this popfilter because

1. It gets the job done
2. It's inexpensive
3. It's washable!

Just the fact the filter is washable makes it worth purchasing. If you've ever done recording and know that the fabric pop filters can start to smell bad over time. It holds onto your clients oral bacteria and should be considered a health hazard but that's another story in itself.

I haven't compared the stedman against any other wire mesh filters only the fabric ones. I wish these filters were around when I was 1st building my recording studio. I've purchased 3 of them. 1 for my studio another for my pod casting setup and a 3rd for my wife's voice over setup.

I think everyone with a recording setup should have these pop filter it does it's job and it does it without flaw