Orban 642B
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moosers 22/03/2010

Orban 642B : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Orban 642B is a dual channel parametric equalizer and notch filter. It is an analog piece of gear if I'm not mistaken, but I can't say what sorts of connections it has since my use with it has been somewhat limited and in a professional studio environment where it was already racked up and in place. It is a rack mountable piece of gear in the traditional sense, and will take up two rack spaces.


Since the Orban 642B offers up a lot of flexibility and control over your sound, it can take a little bit of time to get used to. There is often a trade off between ease of use and versatility, which is the case here with the 642B. I don't find it too hard to use myself, but it definitely isn't the simplest parametric EQ that I've used. Each of the two channel has four bands, each of which consists of parameters for bandwidth, frequency, boost/cut level, and vernier, which is for fine tuning. Each channel also has both a low and high pass filter as well as bypassing switches for each of the bands and for each channel as a whole. I think the 642B is easy enough to figure out without the assistance of a manual, but for beginners it is always a good idea to have it around anyway.


With so much control over your sound comes the ability to really zero in on notching and filtering with the Orban 642B. It isn't really your typical parametric equalizer, as it is designed for cutting or boosting really specific frequencies in addition to all the accommodations of your typical parameter equalizer. You can definitely used the 642B for any application where you would want to filter in anyway, as it has a clean sound quality that will extend pretty universally.


I think that you'd have a pretty hard time finding an Orban 642B, as this isn't the most readily available parametric Eq/notch filter available. Orban isn't a well known company, but I've generally liked the gear that I've used made by them. Because of this, I do think that you you came across a 642B that you'd be able to get a pretty good deal for a piece of gear like this, so I'd recommend checking it out if you need a hardware EQ and notch filter in one.