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iamqman 14/12/2011

Alesis XGuitar : Recensione di iamqman (content in English)

"Computer on!"

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Alesis Xguitar is basically a computer-based guitar instrument. This is a guitar that is somewhat unique and unlike anything that I or most people have ever seen. This is a guitar that is for someone who likes to play around with a load of effects or processing and doesn't want to spend too much time perfecting their instrument. This is a guitar that has basically built-in digital effects within the instrument. It's very a futuristic sounding type of technology. Overall it's the not exactly my cuppa tea.

80 programs, each a factory preset that can be edited by the user or restored to factory default

9 effects modules, each with multiple selectable effects, over 40 different effect types

8 different signal routing options for re-ordering effect modules

28-bit high-quality effects including reverbs, delays, chorus, flanging, amp emulation and transposition

Master volume and two tone controls

Simple up/down toggle switch to facilitate program changes on-the-fly

Built-in auto-chromatic tuner

1 dual humbucker and 2 single stack humbucker pickups

Expression pedal input for volume, wah-wah control over effect parameters

30 hours of operation (on 4 AA batteries)

Stereo/headphone output on 1/4 in. TRS connector

The tone of this guitar is not something that you really want to talk about . They are really emphasizing the ability for this instrument to be a working computer or effects-based instrument. Much like a keyboard or synthesizer is to a piano, this guitar is to the regular guitar. If you're someone who likes to play around with certain sounds to come from the keyboard and don't really be more proficient at playing the piano this is good to be a similar analogy. This is not really a guitar in the sense that it makes you want to play and get proficient at your instrument but it's a instrument or novelty that gives a user a cool new style of an instrument. I wouldn't necessarily this say that this is exactly a guitar because it's a new novelty type of instrument.

These guitars have been discontinued for a while but you can find them the used section of many classifieds. I don't think they're very expensive. I think you can find them for right around $200 or so. It's not about price for someone who probably wants something that can be a fun time waster. But if you're trying to learn how to play the guitar I wouldn't go with this instrument. I would deal with your standard old cheap guitar that will allow you to get your basics and your chops down.